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March 3rd, 2018
15th Annual Adams County Amish Bird Symposium Join the Adams County Travel & Visitors Bureau and the Adams County Amish Community for a daylong celebration of birds that features speakers, vendors, live raptors from Raptor Incorporated, and other activities. Registration required. View/print a registration form here.
3735 Wheat Ridge Road
West Union, Ohio 45693


>>Download/View a registration form here in pdf or jpg format.<<
9:30 Arrive, bird-friendly coffee and doughnuts
9:50 Welcome - Tom Cross, Adams County Travel and Visitors Bureau.
10:00 Nature Guys: "Join the Nature Guys for a First-hand Recording Session"
10:50 Break (20 mins)
11:10 Robert Hershberger: "Birding in the Bobolink Area of Ohio"
12:00 Amish made lunch
1:00 Announcements
1:10 Ethan Rising: "Experiences as a Young Birder in Ohio"
2:00 Break (20 mins)
2:20 Judy Semroc: "Chimney Swifts: Nature's Amazing Insectivores"
3:10 Closing Summary and Field Trip Directions
3:15-4:15 Field trip: Winter water birds of Adams Lake State Park.

>>Download/View a registration form here in pdf or jpg format.<<
Nature Guys
Join the Nature Guys for a First-hand Recording Session
Podcasts are ever growing in popularity as a personal way to learn while accomplishing other tasks. Whether hitting the bike trail, cleaning house, working out, driving to work or cross- country, podcasts are the old radio show of the future. You select what you want to hear, when you want to hear it! There are a number of podcasts on birds, but few on natural history of the Midwest. Our speakers are trying to fill that void. Join Bill and Bob for a live recording session as they banter back and forth, teasing, laughing, and sharing stories about the bird that reportedly almost became our national symbol. Their best compliment so far: “You guys are like the Click and Clack of Nature!”

About Bill Creasey and Bob Staggenborg
Bill attended Miami University where he obtained degrees in Zoology and Botany. Later he obtained his Masters in Education with certification to teach from the University of Cincinnati. Bill served as the chief naturalist at Cincinnati Nature Center for over 43 years. During that time he provided volunteer and teacher training, taught programs for adult and youth members, directed summer camps, and developed birding trips all over the world. Bob attended Miami University as well and secured degrees in business and education. His careers included working in his family owned accounting firm and teaching elementary education. He was mentored in natural history by his wife Beth, and he met Bill when they began volunteering at Cincinnati Nature Center. Bob and Bill also co-led wildflower walks at the Southern Ohio Wildflower Pilgrimage run by the Arc of Appalachia Preserves. It was here that the seed was planted for the podcast Nature Guys.
Robert Hershberger Birding in the Bobolink Area of Ohio

Getting into birding as a teenager, Robert has been birding and chasing birds up and down the county roads of Holmes and surrounding counties, also further afield since about the age of 14. Now almost 30 years later Robert has a total of 349 bird species on his Ohio list. He also travels further then Ohio for birding adventures. A yearly business trip takes him and his son Michael to Florida for a week of birding and helping lead field trips there. This last summer his family went on a vacation that was focused around birding, up through Michigan and into northern Minnesota. Robert's goal is to inspire young birders (including his own children) and anyone interested in nature and the birding world.

Ethan Rising
Experiences as a Young Birder in Ohio Ethan’s birding career started when a preschool teacher, herself a birder, taught a unit on the Bald Eagle. Ethan was intensely interested, and he learned everything he could about our national bird. An encounter with Raptor, Inc. and a trip to Hawk Mountain to see migrating raptors as a 5 year old, caused this interest to expand to all raptors. By the ripe old age of 7, he was exposed to bird banding. Having beautiful neotropic migrants at eye level and even in hand won Ethan’s heart, and his passion for raptors grew to include all birds. The banding station referred him to the Ohio Young Birder’s Club which in turn connected him to Cincinnati’s local birding spots and the local birding community.

Ethan will present about the his experiences as a young birder in Ohio and the people who recognized his sincere interest at such a young age and took the time to encourage his interest and further his knowledge. Being given a legitimate place within the birding community reinforced his interest even when it was not acknowledged by his peers. His place in the birding community has led to an interest in wildlife in general and its conservation, photography, and several summer experiences that have been financially backed by the same supportive community.

This talk is Ethan’s story, a shout out to those who have invested in his development and a heartwarming glimpse of local, grass roots efforts having an impact on the future of conservation.

Judy Semroc (Photo by Laura Dempsey)
Chimney Swifts: Nature's Amazing Insectivores

Judy Semroc currently works in the Natural Areas Division for The Cleveland Museum of Natural History as a Conservation Specialist. Judy has co-authored two natural history guides, "Dragonflies & Damselflies of Northeast Ohio” in 2008, and "Goldenrods of Northeast Ohio: A Field Guide to Identification & Natural History" in 2017

Chimney Swifts: Nature's Amazing Insectivores - This program illustrates the natural history and reasons for the marked population decline of Chimney Swifts. Learn how our help is needed now and what you can do to aid this special and much loved species & Galapagos

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We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals, businesses and organizations for their generous support of the Adams County Amish Bird Symposium:

Jay & Joanne Smale

Donna & Dan Rouster

Hilltop Cabinet
1553 Tater Ridge Rd
West Union, OH

Murphin Ridge Inn
>>Download/View a registration form here in pdf or jpg format.<<